Scuba Diving Spots

Chebeh Island

If you are in Tioman Island and you want an exciting, unforgettable and amazing adventure then head on down to a dive site. Grab your

Malang Rock

Diving is an unforgettable experience. In Tioman Island, you have just the best opportunity to dive in some of the most beautiful diving spots. What’s

Pulau Renggis

When in Tioman, diving is a must. The waters are normally hazardous during the monsoon season but the rest of the year is suitable for

Salang Wrecks

Diving in Tioman Island is certainly an amazing experience. When in Tioman, do make some time to go for a dive on any one of

Soyah Island

Off the coast of the main Island of Tioman is a small island that is a patch of shrub and small land. From the Salang

Panuba Bay

While in Tioman, diving is a must. If you have never ever gone under water, you could start off at the Panuba bay. The water

Bahara Rocks

Anyone coming to Tioman Island will definitely find themselves spoil for choices of diving spots. One good spot to consider is the Bahara Rocks. This

Labas Rock

In Tioman, you will definitely find yourself spoilt for choices as you choose which destination you should dive at. Well, read on and see why

Salang Reef North

At Salang Reef North, children and first time divers can also join in the fun of diving and exploring a whole new world under the

Salang Reef South

Diving is a must when in Tioman because the island has waters off its shores that promise an adventure like no other. Off the coast

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