Pulau Renggis

When in Tioman, diving is a must. The waters are normally hazardous during the monsoon season but the rest of the year is suitable for divers from around the world to explore the beauty of the underwater world off the shores of Tioman. One diving site that is considerably good is the very small island of Pulau Renggis. Grab your gear; take a short boat ride from the village of Tekking or Lalang Beach and head on down to the diving site. This small island is right in front of the popular Berjaya Beach Resort and offers an amazing and unforgettable experience for divers.

Here, the highlight of your diving experience will be spotting a giant green turtle. There is nothing better than seeing for yourself the amazing creatures that call the dive site their home. You can also spot sea anemones following their clown fish around and not far from the dive site, your diving instructor will bring you close up to a ship wreck. It certainly is an unforgettable experience.

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