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In Tioman, you will definitely find yourself spoilt for choices as you choose which destination you should dive at. Well, read on and see why you could be diving at the Labas Rock spot. This particular spot is located towards the western part of the island. The waters here can get choppy but on most days, diving is safe. The best time to come to the island is when the monsoon season is not on, which is any month besides the months of November to December. The dive is not so deep and is suitable for even the average and beginner diver.

Your journey to the bottom is a short one and to reaching the diving spot will require a short boat ride. At this diving spot, the species of fish will astound you. Don’t pass up this opportunity to swim along many species of fish and even see the gentle sting-rays swim by. The visibility in this dive is not that great, whereby the next 8 meters are not to visible due to the suspension of particles in the water. Tiger fish are quite common in this diving spot as well as sea-fans.

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