Salang Reef South

Diving is a must when in Tioman because the island has waters off its shores that promise an adventure like no other. Off the coast of Tioman lies the Salang Reef South. Getting there is an adventure in itself; which starts off with a swim or a boat ride from the Salang beach. The descent is not a very long one. Visibility here is quite fair, even under water and before long you can see the wide coverage of patches of corals and the many unique and beautiful colorful fish swimming around the reefs. Here you can also see many rabbit fish, butterfly fish and the beautiful gold-barred butterfly fish.

Before you begin your diving adventure, it is always good and encouraged to read up about the many beautiful species of fish that call the site their home. The variety of rabbit fish in this particular diving spot is great. If you are lucky you may even have the chance of spotting a sting ray!

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