While in Tioman, diving is a must. If you have never ever gone under water, you could start off at the Panuba bay. The water here is a little on the shallower side when compared to the other more popular dive sites but it is much safer to start small if you are a new diver. Although it is a dive site for beginners, it does not have any exception to its wide array of sea creatures. Here, you can spot many soft and colorful species of fish, swimming around.

The coral reefs are a spectacular site, especially so with the many beautiful fish swimming around. The descent is a short one just to introduce you to the diving experience. The experience is certainly an unforgettable one. The water is crystal clear and visibility during your dive is very good as compared to some other dive sites around the island. If you are lucky you may even spot some cat fish, rabbit fish and even the gentle giants of stingrays.

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