Salang Reef North

Salang Reef North

At Salang Reef North, children and first time divers can also join in the fun of diving and exploring a whole new world under the sea. Diving classes are offered at many of the diving centers around the island of Tioman for a reasonable and affordable price and is necessary before taking a dive in the beautiful waters.

The Salang Reef North promises an easy dive with a five to ten meter descent and the pressure is not too high for the younger crowd. Beginner divers usually start out here to get first time experience in diving. Here, you can find many beautiful species of coral and fish. There are stone coral, table coral, green horn coral, the branching stag horn coral, the boulder like coral and even the yellow pore coral. Species of fish here are not too many but the dive site is a good start out experience for all new divers before they feel confident enough to progress to the other deeper dive sites on the island.

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