Salang Wrecks

Diving in Tioman Island is certainly an amazing experience. When in Tioman, do make some time to go for a dive on any one of the many islands around Tioman. In the middle of the bay in Salang, lies a beautiful spot that has attracted divers from all over the globe to come here and experience the beautiful underwater world. Reservation is necessary to avoid disappointment due to the large crowd of people who come here for their adventure.

The starting point of the dive starts just behind a scuba diving shop and after a short boat ride out to the spot, divers are instructed to swim a couple of meters to a buoy where their adventure begins. The descend is not a very deep one. As with all wreck diving sites, visibility beneath the choppy waters is not so good. A little while off the descend and your instructor will direct you to the wreck which is a huge ship. Here, you can see the amazing teem of unique sea creatures nestled near the wreck and is certainly a field day for your underwater photography skills. Spot beautiful fish, oysters, and soft corals that make the site their home and be mesmerized by the life under the waters.

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