Soyah Island

Off the coast of the main Island of Tioman is a small island that is a patch of shrub and small land. From the Salang village, this island is an insignificant one but it is a significant one for every diver who goes out to this point to begin their diving experience. Gear up, suit up and get ready for a dive like no other at this Soyah Island!

The water here is quite choppy and the dive begins on the more rocky side of the island and your diving instructor will guide you towards the west of the island to show you the best of the underwater world. The dive is about 10 meters and you can see many unique creatures here. One disadvantage of the spot is the really strong currents even under the water. The spot has some unpredictable currents so it is wise to always follow a guide who is well versed with the local currents. However, the spot is teeming with nature and the many beautiful and unique species of coral reefs are a big bonus for any first time diver. Come and admire the clown fish and their sea anemones, the stingrays that gracefully swim by and the gorgonian sea fans. These are just a few names of the many species of sea creatures you will find here.

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