Chebeh Island

If you are in Tioman Island and you want an exciting, unforgettable and amazing adventure then head on down to a dive site. Grab your oxygen tanks, suit up, gear up and dive down under to a beautiful underwater world where sea creatures teem. Of all the other diving sites in Tioman Island, Chebeh Island has the best visibility and the best diving experience. Although the waters above are choppy, you will barely notice a current under the water, making the diving a more pleasant experience.

The site is on the northern most part of Tioman Island and takes about half an hour to reach by boat but the time getting there is definitely worth it. The descent is slightly longer and the dive is quite a deep one; making the site more suitable for avid divers. Here you will find an infinite garden of coral reefs of many unique species. Spot yellow corals, stone corals, table corals and even the green hornet coral. Here you can also spot gorgonian sea fans and is certainly a great field day for your underwater camera. In a nut shell, the dive is certainly the best site and is an unforgettable experience.

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