Paya Village

A small village by the beach in the western coast of Tioman Island, just south of Tekek Village and north of Genting Village, Paya Village is a popular spot for tourists.

Paya is situated right next to one of the world’s oldest mangrove swamp which connects to a rich shallow river. Paya boasts a rich and colourful coral reefs, especially off the jetty and neighbouring island called Tomok Island is perfect for snorkeling and free diving. The white sandy beach of Paya stretches to about half a kilometer, with blissful tropical mountain of Gunung Kajang for its background. The view is just dramatic and could easily put anyone in awe. This side of the magnificent Tioman Island is perfect for nature lovers.

Jungle trekking, one of Paya’s most popular activities, visitors can trek through a jungle trail which starts from the Tioman Paya Resort to Rock Falls, a Rocky River stream with natural small pools perfect for a cooling dip after the trek. The jungle trail stretches even further towards the peak of Gunung Kajang, the highest summit of Tioman Island. Adventurers can either head back to Paya or march on another trail across a seemingly steep slope that ends at a beach called Teluk Sri Intan.

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