Jungle Trekking in Tioman Island

Jungle Trekking in Tioman

Jungle trekking becomes a reality on the island of Tioman. The island has so much to offer you and the adventure you choose to embark on promises great delight and fun as you explore the beautiful rainforests.

One trail that you should consider getting on to hike is the one on Mukut Island. Here, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Mother Nature as you explore the rainforest. On occasional openings in the tall and majestic trees, you can see the clear blue water below, promising you a rewarding end to your journey through the rainforest. The trail is located on the southern part of the island below the peaks of what is known as the dragon horn. If you decide to call it a day here, the Tanjung Inn is a great place to put up a night, nestled nicely right here on this trail!

If you are here with a family consisting of small children, then when booking your trail, do inform the agent that you want to book for the shorter trail; specifically set aside for children above the tender age of twelve. This track is shorter but does not seem any lesser than the other longer trails as it is also one that teems with wild life that will definitely captivate the young naturalist. It is a perfect trail for the young ones as it is not too long but promises a great day of fun.

Another trail is the trail between Genting and Paya village. Here, you set out from the quaint village of Genting and make your way through the trail. Explore the beautiful rainforest for about an hour or so; depending on your speed. If you stop along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and at some points in the highlands see the beautiful clear blue water below. The track ends at the village called Paya and the local villagers are very welcoming people. Here you can relax and just enjoy yourself, immersing in the culture and traditions of the local islanders.

Besides that, there is another track between the village of Tekek and Juara. This track is about 7 km long and is more isolated than most other tracks. It is the track to choose if you are an avid naturalist and you are up for a day of extreme adventure. The track can be completed in four hours and promises exciting adventure as you explore the many unique creatures along the way. Hear the bird calls, spot lizards, scores of birds, the tiny insects on their usual daily routine on the floor of the majestic rainforest and even the curious monkeys along the way.

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    1. Hi Leena, January is generally not recommended to visit Tioman as it is in Monsoon season with rougher sea and weathers. We suggest to visit Tioman from March onwards.


    1. Hi Wan,
      You may check out this package provided by paya beach resort, they provide jungle trekking tour in the second day if you do not wish to go for the snorkeling:


      Alternately, Sun beach resort also provides jungle trekking trip but it is limited to 4d3n package only with minimum 10 guests, here is the package details:



  1. Hello, I would like to know more about the jungle trekking tours in tioman.
    What are the current promotion and packages as well as the best time to visit?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jaclyn,
      Jungle trekking tour is available from the package offered from some resorts, but not all. You want to let me know which resort that you prefer to stay and i will send you the itinerary accordingly.

      The best time to visit would be from March to October, the off Monsoon season.


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