Snorkeling in Tioman Island

Snorkeling in Tioman

Pulau Tioman was known as TIME’s most beautiful island in the 70s, it is no wonder that one of the highlight activities to explore in Pulau Tioman is snorkeling. The beauty of the islands’ sandy beaches and crystal clear water is definitely tempting for tourist to dive in and swim in the sea. There are many snorkeling hotspots in this island that you can explore and most of the accommodation in this island offers package deals that include snorkeling as one of their main activity. But, if you do not want to be tied down into any deals, there are many diving and snorkeling facilities provided by the locals where you can rent a boat and go island hoping around Tioman with less than RM100 per person (snorkel goggle and fins provided). There are also rentals for snorkeling equipment available on all resorts and small shops along the walkaway. Thus, there is no reason for you to not explore and snorkel on this island!

One of the most famous places to go snorkel in Tioman is at Coral Island (also known as Pulau Tulai). The attraction on this island is definitely the white sandy beach with soft powdery texture and crystal blue water that is mesmerizing to the eyes. Although there are not many corals in this island, but there are many types of fishes in this area that you can swim with and explore. The island is uninhabited and is being well kept by the management. Hence, if you are bringing food in plastic bags and water in plastic water bottles, kindly do not liter and leave it behind on this island as it is very clean.

Snorkeling in Coral Island Tioman
Snorkeling in Coral Island Tioman

Monkey Bay is also one of the best spots to snorkel in Pulau Tioman. Located behind the Salang Village, this beautiful area can be reach via speedboat or tourist can also hike along the one-hour trail from Salang. The water in this area may be calm, but you have to definitely face your fear of the deep sea and swim a bit further from the beach to witness a breathtaking view of the underwater. At Monkey Bay, you could see variety of colourful coral reefs and a collection of different types of fish that will blow your mind.

Monkey Bay Tioman
Crystal clear blue water at Monkey Bay

Besides that, another snorkeling hotspot in Tioman is at Renggis Island which is perfect for a rookie snorkeler or an advance diver. Renggis Island is located in front of Berjaya Resort. The highlight at Renggis Island is that scuba divers can experience night dive and snorkelers can witness the variety of underwater species and beautiful coral reefs adjacent to the place. Snorkelers will also get to experience swimming with turtles, Jew fish, moray eel and butterfly fish. These experiences will never make you forget about the awesome snorkeling adventure you had in Tioman!

Popular Snorkeling Package in Tioman
Snorkeling in Tioman

3d2n Sun Beach Resort Package

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Salang Indah Resort Tioman Snorkeling Tour

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