Genting Village

Located in the western coast of Tioman Island, Genting is a relatively large village situated between the Paya Village and Nipah village. Genting village occupies a 1.5km stretch of beach, with a background of hills of tropical rainforest. The greenery of the calm and peaceful village is popular to many of the mainland locals as well as foreign tourists.

Genting is getaway for people from all walks of life with a diverse range of accommodation options for people with different budgets, you will definitely find a place that suits you well. However, most of the resorts are chalet based accommodations, littered along the hillside facing the beach. Simply stunning. Food wouldn’t be a problem either, as Genting has many local restaurants cluttered around the beachfront. You will not have a moment of boredom when in Genting. Daytime activities includes swimming in the crystal clear waters, which are abstemiously rocky with the enormous boulders simply adds to beauty and serenity of the village. Genting Village is highly recommended for those who love a simple quiet getaway from the busy city.

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