Juara Mutiara Resort

Juara Beach

Juara Mutiara Resort is known for its long beach along the east side of Tioman. Located at Juara Village which is also known as Kampung Juara, this resort offers a few types of chalet and accommodation for travelers such as the Twin or Triple Chalet for couples or small group, quad chalet for family and the budget room for budget concerned travelers.

One of the main attractions in this resort is definitely the sandy beach which is the longest in Tioman. Visitors on this resort can also explore the village and interact with the friendly locals here. Besides that, there are plenty of activities and facilities provided at this resort such as snorkeling, kayaking, wifi connection and on monsoon season, visitors can come here and go surfing! Juara Mutiara Resort is definitely a resort for you to stay in if you are planning to have an adventure trip in Tioman as there is a 7 km hiking trek from the Juara Village to Tekek Village.

Room Types

Twin/Triple Sharing

Sea View Room

Amenities: Water heater, Air conditioner, TV with Astro channels

Quad Sharing

Garden View Room

Amenities: Air conditioner, Water heater, TV with Astro channels

Budget Rooms

Garden View Room

Amenities: Water heater, Fan

Resort Facilities/Activities

  • Cafe
  • Snorkeling / Fishing Trip
  • Kayak
  • Beach Sports – volleyball, football & beach games
  • Wifi
  • Karaoke Hall
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Waterfall Trip
  • Transportation
  • Surfing (Monsoon season:Nov-Mac)
  • Gift shop

How to Get There

Juara Mutiara Resort is located in Kampung Juara, there is no jetty in this village and visitors will need to alight at Tekek Village follow by a land transfer to the resort. The journey takes about 30-40 minutes.

Photos Gallery

Sea view chalet

Juara Mutiara Resort Sea View Chalet

Juara Mutiara Resort Sea View Chalet

Garden view chalet

Juara Mutiara Resort Garden View Chalet

Juara Mutiara Resort Garden View Chalet

Fan room

Juara Mutiara Resort Fan Room

Juara Mutiara Resort Fan Room

Beach side restaurant

Juara Mutiara Resort Restaurant

Gift shop

Juara Mutiara Resort Gift Shop

Beach activity

Juara Mutiara Resort Beach Volleyball

Additional Information

Address: Kampung Juara Pulau Tioman, Rompin , Pahang, Malaysia 26800

Number of Rooms: 11

Tour Packages

3d2n Snorkeling Package 4d3n Snorkeling Package
Coral Island Tioman Snorkeling Snorkeling in Tioman

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