Tekek Village

Situated in the island’s central west, Tekek Village is sited along a 3km stretch of sandy beach. Tekek has often been referred to as the Town of Tioman Island, mostly due to the wealth of amenities. Convenience is a luxury for anyone in Tioman from a city, so if you do find yourself low on cash, or in need of the internet, you would most likely find yourself in Tekek. Tekek is also host to the Tioman Airport and has a pretty urbanized infrastructure. One other thing that makes Tekek so popular, despite the amount of crowd you would get as compared to other villages, is that they have a duty free store. Yes, cheap, quality alcohol for all you party lovers. Tekek also has a few retail stores, great for getting souvenirs for friends and family back home. But despite the lack of a rural charm, Tekek still maintains clean crystal clear water.

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