Tioman Island – Duty Free Shopping Paradise

Tekek Duty Free Shop

The duty free status in Tioman is certainly a great reason for most tourists to come to the island while in Malaysia. Located off the east coast of the peninsular Malaysia, this beautiful island has lots to offer tourists and is particularly famous among newlyweds.

When in Tioman, shopping for items; especially items like chocolate, liquor and cigarettes is a must because these items cost far cheaper than they would on the main land.

Tekek Duty Free ShopDuty free shops are found almost everywhere on the island. The main outlet which is the Vision Commerce store is very large and offers a grand variety of products. Here, you can find souvenirs like t-shirts, key chains, utensils to be used in the kitchen, liquors, batik prints, hand crafted items and even local food products-all for a much lower price because of the duty free status of the island. There are many unique and hand-made souvenirs sold here and can be made the perfect gift and memorabilia to take home with you as your memory of your visit to this island. Chocolates here are a must buy as they cost much less than they usually would back on the mainland.

On Salang beach, you can also find a few duty free shops. The shops here are generally smaller and offer a smaller variety of products but are definitely a place to stop by at. Souvenirs should be bought from here before you head home to save some more on your budget for that perfect souvenir for your friend or family back home. A few sundry shops also go duty free here and are a great place to stop by if you are looking for everyday items and must haves for a great holiday down by the beach. Here, you can find essential sunblock, sun tan lotions, and shampoos for after your swim, bikinis for much cheaper prices and even beautiful batik printed dresses for your evening dinner.

Duty free shops are conveniently located around the island. Beer is much cheaper here. Batik prints and other great island apparel is slightly cheaper here and a great number of street stalls along some of the stretches of beaches here on the main island and even some of the smaller island accommodate these type of street stalls. It certainly is a must see for all shoppers looking for something local.

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  1. Hahaha Shopping paradise … Hahaha, that was a good one!!???
    If you need something you will have to order it from the mainland…. little problem: the malayan Post is not serving the island, so you will have to travel for many hours to the mainland to pick it up yourself in the postoffice Mersing. Tioman might be a lot….. but Never a shopping paradise!!!

  2. Hi….which part of pulau tioman is the duty free shop located?
    which part to stay to be near restaurants, beer and shops.

    Thanks for the tips

  3. I’m staying at Berjaya Tioman and will be taking the ferry from Mersing. Is there any store that sell wine at the Tekek jetty?

    1. Hi Winson,
      There are a great range of alcoholic beverages available from the duty free shop, particularly in the duty free shop at Tekek village. You may browse through during your stay in Tioman.

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