Air Batang Village (ABC)

Kampung Air Batang or better known as ABC village, is a popular destination for backpackers mainly due to the wide variety of budget chalets and resorts at a much cheaper rate as compared to the other places in Tioman Island. This gives ABC village more chilled, communal and friendly vibe.

Situated along the west coast of Tioman island, ABC beach stretches for 1.5km and due to very little development and lack of publicity, the water has been well preserved and is said to be emerald clear, perfect for snorkeling, free diving as well as scuba diving. The seashore though, does suffer from being too rocky.

One might think that due to its secluded nature, that it would be difficult to get access to amenity, but ABC village is in fact only immediately north of Tekek, the capital village of Tioman Island, separated by a small hilly coastal cape armed with a well maintained pathway. The quiet nature of the island is perfect for individuals in search for a peaceful holiday. At the same time, due to ABC village’s backpacker friendly nature, you will definitely run into a few new friends from all over the planet to share past and future adventures with.

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