Diving in Tioman Island

Diving in Tioman

Tioman Island will please you with its irresistible lure of holiday making, discovery and, of course, scuba diving. Sitauted off the Pahang’s East Coast, Tioman Island can be easily accessed by a various transportation, either sea transfer, land transfer or directly by air via Tunamaya Airline from Subang Airport or Senai Airport. Regardless on your transportation mode, the rewards awaiting in the island paradise will absolutely be worth it!

Start with the dive site of Renggis Island, which lies off Tekek Beach, divers can expect a variety of reef life in enormous gardens of hard corals. Angelfish, cuttlefish, sea turtles and barracuda are the most common residents here too.

Deep diving lovers will love to dive in Chebeh Island, the site of several giant manta sightings. Diver will delight in the thrill of the deep sea and the sight of huge gorgonian sea fans.

Wreck divers will enjoy the Soyak Wreck with its many hard and soft coral adornments. The plentiful of moorish idols, angelfish and trevally here is a sunken hull not more than twenty meters deep. This means plenty of time for exploration.

Labas Island, or commonly known as the Pirate Island by the locals, provides a captivating topography with its large submerged and semi submerged boulders.

Tioman Island remains the holiday destination of choice for all kinds of travellers. No holiday in Tioman is complete without having at least a dive into the water to explore the beautiful marine life.

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