Juara Village

The greenery scene and warm sea breeze at Juara Village may make you feel relax and calm as this village is quite secluded from other developments here in Tioman. However, there is a trailĀ that connects Tekek to this village through the jungle where visitors may appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer in Tioman.

The most famous activity while in Juara would definitely be watching the Leatherback Turtles lay eggs on the shore at night. This is because Juara VillageĀ in Tioman is where the conservation of turtles take place. Besides that, there is a camp site especially for students to rent out for their camping activity with school. Hence, tourist or students can take part in volunteering at the turtle conservation project here at Juara. The beach at this area is very stunning and is exquisite to the eyes. Visitors may enjoy swimming with the turtles too and also observe a variety of wild life creatures here. To conclude, Juara Village may be the most peaceful and eco-friendly place in Tioman, thus it would be very suitable for visitors who wish to have a quiet and relaxing time by the beach while inhaling the fresh sea breeze.

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