Salang Village

Salang Village has one of the most beautiful beaches in Pulau Tioman. Located on the west coast of the island, Salang Village is one of the most popular destinations for tourist to relax and chill as it is not overpowered by development compared to Tekek Village. The crystal clear water at this village has make it one of the most popular spot for visitors to snorkel, sunbathing, swimming and indulge in various water activity provided on the island. Licensed scuba divers may enjoy diving at Salang Wreck and Salang Reef North as there are many types of underwater creatures and beautiful corals to be observed and appreciated.

The atmosphere in Salang is very traditional as most of the resorts in this village is inspired by the Malay architectural exterior. Tourist may get to enjoy variety of facilities when visiting Salang Village as most of the nightlife and various restaurants are located here. Beside that, tourist might also enjoy the occasional bonfire parties held by the beach at Salang Village. To enjoy a fantastic view of the island amazing hills, there is a small climbing track located at the south of the village that offers you the best view of Tioman’s natural beauty. It is no wonder that Salang Village is the most popular place to visit when in Pulau Tioman.

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