Top 5 Beaches in Tioman Island

Genting Beach

Tioman Island is certainly a great place to visit while in Malaysia. Located just off the east coast of the peninsular, the island is quite a star amongst tourists who look for the perfect gateway that comes with the white sandy beaches, the sun and the beautiful palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze overlooking a beautiful crystal clear ocean.

When on the island, beach hopping is a must. The best time to come is before the monsoon season begins because the monsoon season brings along heavy rains and strong winds. This season makes all water and beach activities almost impossible and some can be quite dangerous. Boat rides to nearby islands may also not be very comfortable ones due to the choppy sea.

Juara Beach

Exploring the beautifully scattered beaches of Tioman would mean a day filled with adventure. One great beach to start off your journey touring the best of the beaches the island has to offer is the Juara beach. Deemed the best beach in Tioman, this beautiful golden sand beach which also comes with a small hill nearby and a lagoon on the southern part of the beach, this is a nice place to relax, soak up a tan and just take in the beautiful view. A hike into the jungle and up the hill is an adventure in itself and is a must do when on this beach.

Juara Beach
Juara Beach

Salang Beach

Then, head on to the Salang beach which is a beautifully shaped crescent that features white sand looking out to a beautiful bay. The breeze here is slightly gentler and the northern part of the beach which is not so popular among tourist is a great place to sit down and read a book as enjoy the gentle beach. Salang beach at the southern end is more popular and is a great place to go snorkeling. The water is warm and very clear, making it an ideal and magical spot to explore life under the sea, right here on Salang Beach in Tioman! Tiomans popular village which features great dining places, resorts to consider and great shopping deals is a must visit!

Salang Beach
Salang Beach

Monkey Beach

Get on a water taxi or hike through the highlands for a better adventure from the nearby Salang beach and you will find yourself at another breathtaking and spectacular beach-the Monkey beach. Here lays a great place to enjoy the view of the crystal blue water and soak up a tan. Classes for diving in shallow waters are held here and are great places to be in if preferring a more reserved spot on the beach. There are many resorts nearby if you choose to stay and make this beach your ideal spot to laze around on every morning.

Genting Beach

The Genting Beach is another great beach to consider including on your to-visit beach list. Here lies a very narrow stretch of white soft sand jiggered by the luscious green hills and the hard granite boulders giving the place a unique charm. If you love living it up at the beach front, this beach has it all with a path for pedestrians at the beach takes you along a wide array of restaurants, duty-free shops and charming chalets. The end of the pathway stops at the village of Paya which is a quaint village to visit. The jungle trails nearby is an amazing place to explore wildlife and just relax in a spot and listen to the call of birds.

Genting Beach
Genting Beach

Berjaya Beach

One other beach to consider which should be on the top five best beaches of the island is the Berjaya beach. Shaped like a crescent, this beach is an ideal spot to call it a night. The popular Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort is here and is a great place to stay in, overlooking the beautiful crystal clear water, surrounded by the rainforest and an amazing golf course just for your convenience! The beach is a great place to call it a day and at night, the hotel puts on spectacular shows and holds a couple of beach activities.

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  1. Hi i am in tioman going to book the ferry ticket but i donot know which beach should i go and which one is the best to visit any reccomend plz

  2. Hi i am planing to visit Timon Island during March 11 to 13 , please suggest me nice restaurant or hotel in salang beach.

  3. I would like to plan a trip to Tioman for around 20 person, please suggest me any available hotel , we do not mind qua sharing room , pls send me your package on 24-26 JUN 2017 , thanks

  4. Hi Simon,

    We’re planning on going to tioman on 27/sept to 28/sept, it’s an impromptu trip overnight stay. We can’t decide which village to go, basically we want a quiet place (less tourist), nice beach view, have good place to eat and where we could snorkle or dive or ride a bike (hire a car) to juara island. We’re thinking either ABC or Salang or Tekkek based from the blogs that we’ve read. Hopefully you could help us to decide and recommend some inns where we could stay as it’s just a short trip.

    Thank you in advance for your help! Please email me.. Have a nice day!

  5. Hi, I would like to give a visit to tioman on 23rd to 25th October. It would be a great help if you could suggest some affordable packages for 2 since we’re students. Thank you! 🙂

    1. HI Darshini,
      No problems, there are quite a lot of good resorts in Tioman that wont cost you a lot.

      Sending email to you, please check ok.


  6. Hi, I & my 7 months (on Aug) pregnant wife planning to go Tioman from 8 – 10 Aug 2015 for our 1st anniversary.
    Appreciate if you can recommend
    A) Accommodations with full board options that include snorkeling trips, located at beach area with clear water for snorkeling and also close enough to one of the waterfalls.
    B) For relaxing.

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Zam,
      Sure, Tioman is definitely a good place for celebrating anniversary or any special event.

      Have sent u the package details, please check your email ok.


  7. Hi, I am planning to go Tioman from 22-25 Sept. Appreciate if you can recommend accomodations with full board options that include snorkelling trips, located at beach area with clear water for snorkeling and also close enough to one of the waterfalls. Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Sarina,
      Ok sure, i have sent you 2 resort options that can be a good fit to your requirements. Please consider ok.

      010-2216385 (wechat/watsapps/call)

  8. Looking for a good place to stay..either resort/hotel facing beach with good breakfast, with a pool. Somewhr snorkeling is available, nt diving.N easy transport for food. Please send a quote.

  9. Hi,

    We are planning a company trip to tioman (04, 05, 06 – 09 – 2015). (10 adults and 5 kids) would like to make a stay for 3days/ 2 night (Package fee – including :- Hotel, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bbq, etc ) Pls quote me the package price ASAP .

    * For yr info, one of the kids is 09 month old balance all below 12 years old

    1. Dear Shan,
      Thank you very much for your interest in our tour package.

      Have sent you an email for this company trip, lets discuss over there ok.

      Simon Lee
      010-2216385 (available for call, wechat, watsapps, LINE)

  10. kindly advice a good package for 5pax (all male, don’t mind sharing a room, aircond), looking for relaxing all inclusive package, not diving, 1st-3rd May, arriving by bus from kl. thanks!

    1. Hi Wira, thanks a lot for your enquiry. I am sorry that 1st and 2nd May is very full in Tioman.

      Possible to change date?


      1. hi,
        we are family of 2 children and 2 adults and coming to Malaysia in February 2023. Would also like to visit Tioman for white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters however we need recommendations where to stay and which beach to visit for crystal clear water.

        Would you advise or recommend us something.

  11. Looking for a good place to stay..either resort/hotel facing the beach, with a pool. Somehwr whr snorkeling is available. N easy transport for food. May 1st-4th. Estimated around 11 people. Is thr transport available from kl?

    1. hello, beach hotel in tioman with pool snorkling and others.bus from kl 5hrs mersing then ferry 1hr to paya beach.tq.

  12. Hi,
    i am looking for comfortable resort that have nice and clear beach which can snorkeling there. Need your recommendation where and package price for 2 adults. I am planning to go from 15/3/2015 – 18/3/2015..Thank you very much.

  13. We are 4 pax n planning to travel 7 march to 10 march.Can u please suggest a beach side hotel with indian veg food option available

  14. Hi,

    We are a couple who will be visiting Tioman in March (17-24). We’d like to stay close to a nice and quiet beach. Can you please advise.


  15. Dear Simon

    We are 4 pax and we would like to visit tioman island from September 20-22nd (two nights). I would like to be on a nice beach and use a package with snorkeling included. Also if any diving is possible in this short time (we have never taken a diving training), we would like to consider it.

    please let me know if you can help and what are the prices



  16. Hi we are three adults looking for comfortable but inexpensive accommodation at salang beach and maybe a package for hiking and other water activities. Please could you quote us. We are looking to come at the end of October.

  17. Hi,
    I am planning to go to Tioman again. Previously, i went to Salang in May 2014. I really love the scenery there. I can see beautiful coral only from the jetty and have great experience hiking from Salang to Monkey Bay.But, now i am looking another resort that have nice and clear beach which can snorkeling there,also have hiking activity. Need your recommendation where and package price for 4 adults. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Wanie,
      Thanks for dropping by, yea, Salang beach is one of the best beaches in Tioman and having some magnificent snorkeling spots with great marine life, no question about that.

      Will contact you with resorts proposal based on your requirement, lets chat via email.


  18. To whom it may concern,

    We are 7 pax (4 adults and 3 kids) would like to make a stay for double nights in Salang Beach. Pls quote me the package price ASAP .

    Date arrive : 16/9

    * For yr info, one of the kids is 12 yrs old

  19. Hi,
    I am planning to go to Tioman from the 26th to the 28th with around eight people. Is there anything where we can find a nice beach combined with snorkeling and diving opportunities?

    Would be great to get a good advice. We are coming over from Singapore.

    Thank you very much,


      1. Hello Simon,

        I have the exact same request as Anna: I’d like a nice beach, combined with nice snorkelling close to the beach, AND a correct and clean hotel! I’m travelling from Johor Barhu from 24th to 28th of August,

        I went to Salang back in August 2012 and I loooved the beach, snorkelling and restaurants around, however I didn’t find the accommodation to be very attractive (no mosquito nets, mice in the room at night…)

        I was recommended Paya Beach which seems to combine all my criteria, but I am open to any good advice from you!

        Many thanks!

        1. Hi Julia,
          Sure, noted with your preference, i will send you some tour proposals through email. Lets chat again soon.


  20. Hi,

    I would like to know if there’s any possibility we can pay a visit to all beautiful beaches and of course enjoy beach activities such as snorkeling. How many days do we need and how much we need to bring along? Any reasonable hotel for a couple. We r planning to come over in early Sept. Probably 5th. Thanks

  21. Hi,
    myfriend and I plan to travel to tioman from 30th july to 1st August 2014. Tentatively 8person Including 3Children. any budget charlet with beutiful beache and scenaries. and somewhere relaxing with some nighlife activity. Need your recommendation. Thanks

    1. Hi Saimie,
      Thanks for your message. Yes, we can send you a proposal, lets discuss via email ok.


  22. Hi, my friends and I plan to travel to Tioman from Sep 13 – 16 (4D3N). There will be 3 of us and we’d prefer somewhere with beautiful beaches and scenaries, somewhere relaxing yet with some nightlife activities. Would you please help give some recommendations? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rj,
      Thank you very much for your request. I am sorry to inform you that all of our partner beach front resorts are fully booked on that week due to Malaysia day holiday. Would it be possible to plan for an alternate date?


  23. I must prefer a chalet on beach facing .but don’t know which place or where because I m not familiar to tioman please suggest me

  24. I supposing to spend my 3 days holiday in tioman on this raya 2014 .will you suggest me further on it totally 2 family’s including 2 babies .cAuse feel bored to see Langkawi 7 times if it’s happen it’s my first time to tiomsn

  25. Hi!

    I’m planning to go to Tioman on 7th Aug and planning to stay for 3 nights maximum, could you tell which is the best place in Tioman to stay? I mean, which is the neighborhood that is close to the best beaches and night life in Tioman. I’m in Singapore maybe you have a good idea where to stay. Thanks

    1. Hi Felipe,
      Thanks for your message. I have sent you some recommendations on accommodation for your consideration.

      Simon Lee

  26. Hi I m arriving mersing on 26th July 2014 n leaving back 28th July canyou please suggest me things to do and if any package ?only 2 person

    1. Hi Shilpi,
      Thanks for your message, no problem, i have sent you the package details through email.


  27. I am planning to Tioman island from 31st may till 4th May 2014. Could sombody help me with beach frnt hotels and places to visit???

  28. I wana go to tioman for nest manday till wednesday. i need only sandy beach for relaxing. with beach is better and i need a hotel range of 200-300 per night.


  29. i would like to ask that i’m planning to go tioman on 31may-2june 2014 around 7 adults . its there still any available room for salang pusaka , Panuba Inn, Berjaya tioman on these date ? Please quote with the package . thanks .

  30. Hi,

    Me and my friends are planning to go to Tioman on the 13 to 15th of December, 8 adults and 1 baby. We’d like to stay in a place where there’s a swimming pool and very nice beach and with a reasonable price and if possible convenient place to go.

    Can you please advise.


  31. I want to visit tioman island for 2 days relaxing tour. how can we reach there from kualalampur or cameron island?
    I am waiting for your quick reply.


    1. Hi Raj,
      Yes, of course, we can arrange transportation from Cameron Highlands or KL to Mersing Jetty and subsequently get you into Tioman.

      I have sent you an email on further arrangement.


      1. Would like to there in march 2014. Estimated 6-8ppl. Preferable family room and crystal clear beach. Which beach/resort/chalet do you suggest? Email me the details. Thanks.

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