Tioman Island Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Tioman

Tioman is a beautiful place to visit. Located on the east coast of the peninsular of Malaysia, the island has lots to offer for tourists. Particularly famous with newlyweds, the island has a great romantic charm about it as it looks out to the crystal blue waters. Tioman Island promises a great holiday under the sun and when it comes to just relaxing in cool water, Tioman Island is always ready.
The island has some amazing waterfalls too. Geographically, the island is blessed with mountainous terrains that give rise to many beautiful and majestic waterfalls that never fail to mesmerize. Getting to any waterfall is an adventure by itself.

Asah Waterfall

Take the Asah waterfall for example. Your journey will begin from the small village of Mukut. The locals here are very friendly and before you begin your adventure, why not spend a little time in the village. Getting there will take you about half an hour; depending on your pace. There is never a rush to get to the top so do stop and take in the scenery. Occasionally, you can see the blue sea down below and hear the call of the birds in the beautiful rainforest. The sweaty and tiring walk is definitely worthwhile and you will find that you are rewarded at the end of your trip. At the waterfalls, reward yourself and swim in the cool and refreshing waters and feel relaxed as you take in your surroundings and hear the calls of the rainforest birds.

Juara Waterfall

Next on the list of must-visit waterfalls in Tioman island is the Juara waterfall. To get there, you will have to start your journey from the village of Juara and the waterfall is just a short hike away. As you make your way up the hillside, why not stop and admire the beautiful creatures in the forest and see for yourself the beauty of the flora and fauna along the way. You can also see the clear blue water from some openings along the way. The view from up here is spectacular and the breeze is always gentle, making the walk upwards a much easier one. The waterfalls are definitely rewarding and there are many small mountainous pools in the area to swim in.

Paya Waterfall

The Paya falls near the village of Paya is also a must-visit waterfall. Make your way there and as you get close, you cannot help but hear the strong gush of water. This waterfall is quite a grand one; especially during the rainy season and you can stand from a far and watch the magnificent gush of water from the high top of the hill down below into the lagoon. The view is certainly a spectacular one and the journey there is an adventure by itself. This waterfall is a great place to relax and just read a book nearby.

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