Snorkeling Trips for Newbies

Make sure your mask fits before you go into the water. Everybody’s face is different, so finding a mask that fits you well is advisable. The mask should suction onto your face when you breath in gently. And feel comfortable when you wear it. Try not to over tighten your mask because a.) its uncomfortable and b.) it may not help to improve the seal and c.) you will end up with red lines in the outline of a mask on your face. Make sure that your hair is not trapped in the mask as this will surely make it leak.
When you are in the water try to remain horizontal with your head face down. This will make you float easier and of course in this position you be able to see all the amazing stuff below you. If you are in a vertical position with your head up out of the water, your body will start to sink and you will automatically start to kick and after a while you will begin to tire.
Listen for boats! Sound travels faster in the water so you can hear the boats underwater from a mile away. When you hear a boat coming look up and if they are coming towards you try to get of the way.
Always breath slow and deeply
If you get water in your snorkel, exhale sharply and this should push the water out of the snorkel.
If you get water in your mask, try holding the top of your mask and blowing out your nose. This will create a pressure change in your mask and the air will push the water out the bottom of the mask.
Some people like to use the breaststroke or frog kick when they snorkel because you can use your arms this way and you dont need fins. But if you want to use fins you will have to use the freestyle kick.
If you want to use the freestyle kick with fins, swim slowly and when you kick try not to make a big splash otherwise you will scare the animals away that you are trying to see. Keep your legs straight and kick from your hip. Click here to see a video of how its done
If you are snorkeling for the first time and are a bit nervous, stay in the sandy areas where you can stand. Dont stand on your fins so that they bend because this could break them.
If you have never snorkeled before you will probably be quite nervous, but try to relax and most importantly dont push yourself too much. Enjoy it!
Always remember to look out for boats! you can usually hear them underwater from a mile away. This is because sound travels faster underwater. So when you hear the noise look-out to see where they are.
Never touch or stand on coral underwater!

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