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Tg Gemok to Tioman Island Ferry Schedule

Tanjung Gemok Jetty, located between Rompin and Endau, about half an hour drive from Mersing, is another jumping point to Tioman Island. The travel time from Tanjung Gemok Jetty to Tioman is about 90 minutes and the sailing time is normally more favorable for travellers from JB or Singapore as the ferry normally departs in noon time and return in morning or afternoon.

Apart from the benefit of accurate ferry sailing time (Cata Ferry) and less crowded environment, traveler can expect to enjoy a larger jetty facility by using ferry services to Tioman via Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Click from the link below for the latest ferry schedule from Tanjung Gemok Jetty to Tioman Island.

Ferry schedule 2018

Cataferry (Premium and Accurate Timing at affordable price)

Click here for Cataferry ferry schedule

Blue Water Express

August 2018 ferry schedule (Tg Gemok-Tioman-Tg Gemok) (Next month ferry schedule)

July 2018 ferry schedule (Tg Gemok-Tioman-Tg Gemok) (This month ferry schedule)

June 2018 ferry schedule (Tg Gemok-Tioman-Tg Gemok)

May 2018 ferry schedule (Tg Gemok-Tioman-Tg Gemok)

April 2018 ferry schedule (Tg Gemok-Tioman-Tg Gemok)

March 2018 ferry schedule (Tg Gemok-Tioman-Tg Gemok)

February 2018 ferry schedule (Tg Gemok-Tioman-Tg Gemok)

Updated: 1 July 2018

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Ferry Schedule History

Please note that the ferry schedule is subject to last minute changes.

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  • Aznira

    Hi simon.. Can i book ferry tix from u via whatsApps?

  • Glenn Low


    Is there bus or taxi from Tanjung Gemok Jetty to JB?

    Thank you.

    • Simon Lee

      Hi Glenn, yes, but it is better to book return trip from JB.

  • Alina

    Hi, is there an ATM at Tg Gemok Jetty? Thanks in advance!

    • Tiomanferry

      No. The only ATM is public bank at Endau which 5 min drive

  • Wilson

    Hi, can I haverage the schedule for September? Thank you

    • Simon Lee

      Ya sure, the ferry schedule is updated, please have a look.


  • Ryo

    Can you arrange below ferry ?
    From TG gemok to Tioman
    16JUL(SAT) 11:00 am 4PAX
    17JUL(SUN) 11:00 am 4PX
    From Tioman to TG Gemok
    18JUL(MON) 14:00 pm 5PAX

  • Liz Thackray

    Do you have 5 seats available
    Departing Tg-Gemok on 30 June?
    Departing Tioman To tg-gemok on 8 JUly?

  • Kamila Jusupova

    We are right now on the way to marina tanjung gemok we would like to know the schedules for the ferries if possible.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Grace Chan

    Please send me Jun 2016 ferry schedule from Tg. Gemok to Tioman Berjaya resort. Thanks.

  • Rebecca

    Hi! Could you email me the schedule for april?

  • Su

    Hi. May I know the ferry schedule from the tg. Gemok jetty to rio an. Tq

  • Najeeha

    Hi , I will be travelling to tioman, on March 2016. Where can I get the schedule for it?

  • Ngth

    Good evening. We are going to Tioman on 5 Sept and return on 7 Sept. We don’t know whether to go from Mersing or Gemuk. Can you advise which is better from Singapore? What is the ferry schedule from both towns? Thanks.

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