Ferry ticket to Tioman

Mersing to Tioman Island Ferry Schedule

Mersing Jetty is the main gateway to Tioman Island, most of the travelers (especially those who take the coach to Mersing bus station) prefer to take the ferry from this jetty due to its close proximity with Mersing bus station. However, the bad thing about this jetty is that the ferry schedule often affected by tidal issue and cause travel time to be unfavorable to the visitors to Tioman (i.e. depart at 6am or 4pm, return at 5am or 6am).

Click from the link below for the latest ferry schedule from Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island.

For more convenient and accurate ferry timing, please consider

Ferry via Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Ferry schedule 2018

August 2018 ferry schedule (Mersing-Tioman-Mersing) (Next month ferry schedule)

July 2018 ferry schedule (Mersing-Tioman-Mersing) (This month ferry schedule)

June 2018 ferry schedule (Mersing-Tioman-Mersing)

May 2018 ferry schedule (Mersing-Tioman-Mersing)

April 2018 ferry schedule (Mersing-Tioman-Mersing)

March 2018 ferry schedule (Mersing-Tioman-Mersing)

February 2018 ferry schedule (Mersing-Tioman-Mersing)

January 2018 ferry schedule (Mersing-Tioman-Mersing)

Updated: 12 July 2018

Ferry Ticket Booking:

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Ferry Schedule History

Please note that the ferry schedule is subject to last minute changes.

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  • Elias Sarkis - Tatyana Kazachenko

    Hello dears,
    me and my fiancee we are honeymooners, we will arrive to Mersing on 12th of September 2018 by 3:00pm , and we are wondering if we will find a ferry boats to Tioman by that time of the day.
    anybody can answer us?

  • Michaela

    Hi, I´ll be arriving to Mersing Johor from Melacca in June. There´s a bus arriving to Mersing Johor at 5:15 PM. Is there any chance we could make it to a ferry that day? What I see is that there´s only a few ferries each day and I would really need to take a ferry the same day I arrive to Mersing Johor (at 5:15PM)

  • Mark

    Hello, When will the march 2018 schedule be available? I would like to plan the journey from KL to tioman, need to know soon whether a night in mersing is necessary. Thanks!

    • Simon Lee

      Hi Mark, 2018 March ferry schedule will release on third week of February.

      • Mark

        Brilliant, thank you!

  • Lee

    I will go on CNY 2018 17/2/2018, still monsoon season? Will the ferry schedule as usual or cancel last minute? Let say 11am, ferry will depart sharp on time? Where to park our car?

    • Simon Lee

      Hi Lee, cant confirm whether the trip will goes on usual but you should make necessary advanced arrangement in case of cancellation.

      There is parking bay around jetty.

      Simon 0102216385

  • Maya

    How many trips are there in a day? I want to do on 30 or 31 December

  • Michaela

    Hello, where the ships stops? The best stop for Berjay Tioman Resort? the closest stop? thank you

    • Simon Lee

      Hi Michaela, you will need to come to Tekek Jetty.

      Jackie 0163796385

  • Martin


    One Question. What does NIL mean ?
    I hope it doesn’t mean that there is no ferry ? 🙁
    Are there Alternatives ?

    Thank you

  • Ines

    does the ferry drives on 30 August back to Mersing, because on the schedule isn´t any information.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Jason Wong

    Hi, I m looking for 14 to 15 round Trip

  • Suriya Raman

    Hi can you upload the schedule for august? I’ll be travelling there during the first week of august. Tq


    In the ferry schedule “(BK)” means?

    • Simon Lee

      Hi Janice, BK also know as “Bot Kecil” means that is Small Boat

  • Ann Aw Yeong

    Waiting page to update July 2017 ferry schedule

    • Simon Lee

      Hi Aw Yeong, we already update the July 2017 ferry schedule, do check it now 🙂

  • Fah

    when the ferry schedule for july?

  • KOK

    Does anyway online to buy Marine Park ticket? or from agent?

  • Nghia

    When the ferry schedule for Jun is available? We plan to go to Tioman on 1st week of Jun.

  • Vesa


    Could you upload the schedule for March when it is available?

    Thank you so much!

  • Kas

    Hi may I have the schedule for the month of january?

  • Eva


    Is the time shedule of december 2016 available? Thank you in advance!


  • ES


    When do you think the December 2016 schedule will be uploaded?

    Thank yo.

  • Andreas

    When will November schedule be released? Need to plan arrival / overnight in Mersing depending on the schedule.

    • Simon Lee

      Hi Andreas, already released, please check ok.

  • Natalie

    Schedule for October?

  • Wilson

    Hi, do you have schedule for September? Thank you

    • Simon Lee

      Ya sure, the ferry schedule is updated, please have a look.


      • Wilson


  • Vinnie

    May 2016 schedule release already?

  • Vikram

    From where i can buy the ticket for Mersing-Tioman-Mersing going on 16-Apr-16 and coming back on 18-Apr-16

  • Chris

    may i know the march jetty schaduls from mersin to tioman ????? thanks a lot i think i would be at mersing by 2 march i need to know isthere any jetty by tat day if yes plss let me know what time is it ??/?

  • David Kong

    Hi! I would like to booking Merisng-berjaya tioman resort . ferry ticket for 7 adult and 5 children on
    24 th March 2016 Mersing to Tioman
    27 th March 2016 Tioman to Mersing

  • David

    My trip to pulau tionman on 25 Dec, but I cant found the jetty schedule on Dec 2015. Can you advice?

    • Simon Lee

      Hi David, thanks for dropping by, the Tioman ferry schedule for December 2015 has just been uploaded. You may have a look from the link above.


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